The price of a gallon of gas continues to inch upward. Prices range across the country according to Gas Buddy from a low of $2.30 a gallon in Utah and $2.32 in Wyoming to a high of $3.39  in California and $3.31 in Hawaii.

Gas prices in Minnesota show quite a variation. The cheapest gas in Minnesota can be found in the Moorhead area priced at $2.38 and $2.39 a gallon. Locally gas prices are averaging $2.59 a gallon in Owatonna with Ellendale checking in at $2.65. Next door in Rice county, Faribault is reporting gas prices of $2.53 and $2.54. The average price for gasoline in the Twin Cities is $2.53 a gallon. The average for all of Minnesota is $2.55 which places us around the middle of the pack for prices in the United States.

Blooming Prairie is asking citizens to reach out and help make a memorial for the family of little Noelani Robinson. Details can be found here.

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