It was just last week that the body of 2 year old Noelani Robinson was found near Blooming Prairie off Highway 218. The medical examiner had ruled that she had been the victim of blunt force trauma. She had been the subject of an Amber Alert. Her father, Dariaz Higgins is being held in Wisconsin facing charges of intentional homicide in the death of Noelani's mother, Sierra Robinson.

The community is invited to take part in arranging a group memorial for the Robinson family. You may drop off sympathy cards, notes or small tokens which will be forwarded on to the family in Milwaukee. You may drop off your items at the City Administrator's Office in Blooming Prairie or at First Lutheran Church of Blooming Prairie. Items will be accepted through Wednesday, March 27.

So far it's been a slow melt. However there's still plenty of frost in the ground. Read more here.

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Noelani Robinson, Blooming Prairie, Milwaukee
Noelani Robinson-photo from Milwaukee PD

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