With measurable snow in our forecast tonight, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is reminding people to be careful around snowplows.

MnDOT took to Facebook on Friday to warn drivers, "hundreds of snowplows are on the road, give them room to work. Never assume a snowplow driver can see you."

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The department also posted a photo of a snowplow on the road to illustrate plow drivers' blind spots.

It's actually pretty shocking to see how little plow drivers can see when you're within 10 car lengths from them. That's why MnDOT says drivers need to stay at least 10 car lengths behind a snowplow.

If you're trying to pass a snowplow on either side, the plow will be unable to see you until you're near their cab. It's on you to make sure you're giving plows the room they need to do their job.

Several people challenged MnDOT's general rule of staying behind a plow at least 10 car lengths.

Jessica Sauck wrote, "Ten cars is excessive. You'll be the only car following this while nine different car merge ahead of you behind the plow. Four car lengths looks good on their picture".

Brian McPhail replied, "I see a lot of comments questioning 10 car lengths. As a plow driver from a different state, I have to say even 10 sometimes is not enough. I’ve helped on a state highway with another plow driver in front of me and even at least 10 cars lengths back I was still in his cloud. Don’t crowd the plow. If you can’t see us clearly we can’t see you!!"

Alisha Sunderman chimed in, "I just want to say I am very grateful for each and every snowplow driver. You are all doing such a great job."

According to MNDOT's website, we've got approximately 800 total snowplows in the state that are responsible for covering 12,000 miles.

According to the National Weather Service, "snow will expand in coverage and intensity this morning then decrease from southwest to northeast this afternoon into tonight."

Parts of northern Minnesota are in a Winter Storm Warning and a Winter Weather Advisory.


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