Winter weather driving is challenging enough, don't add more stress to your commute by skipping this essential winter driving step.

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I'm a bit embarrassed to admit, but there have been many a morning where I leave my driveway before my windshield is completely clear. I know it's not smart, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal--that was until I saw this post from the City of North Mankato on Facebook.

Yesterday, "a North Mankato Police Department squad car was struck by a motorist who did not clear the snow/ice off of their windshield."

Above you can see the windshield in question. It's obvious the driver didn't have a fully comprehensive view of the road. The ice created numerous blind spots for the driver, which ultimately resulted in a tussle with a police car. You can see the damage below.

The North Mankato Police Department went on to stress the importance of making sure one's vision is never impaired by snow, ice, or other debris, saying, "the last thing anyone wants to do is get into an accident... especially with a police car."

The MN State Patrol investigated yesterday's crash, and luckily, found no injuries.

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This reminder from the City of North Mankato was just what I needed to hear. You can bet my windshield will be clear as day before I take off on any roads, and hopefully, yours will be too.

Don't make winter weather driving more difficult for yourself. Clean off your windshield.

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