ST. PAUL -- As we continue to enjoy the freedom of returning to bars, restaurants and other establishments, the Minnesota Department of Health continues to remind us the pandemic is not over.

MDH's Director of Infectious Diseases Kris Ehresmann says they are monitoring a situation in South Central Minnesota where young adults have been visiting multiple bars, catching the virus and spreading it to their workplace.

She says even if you feel your personal risk of catching COVID-19 is low, to be mindful of others when in a group setting.

As people are out enjoying a bit of freedom we have now, that they are still cognitive of the fact they may be a risk factor for someone else. Even though they may not be at risk for complications, they could still get COVID like anyone else and as a result spread it to others.

Ehresmann says there are roughly 100 cases in that area of people in their 20's who tested positive for COVID a weekend of bar hopping.

She says while the younger population may not be at great risk to suffer complications of COVID-19, if they are still at risk at getting the virus and spreading it if not social distancing.

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