I wasn't a big fan of Westerns until I got a little older. Until I began to long for the simple things in life. Sure, movies in the genre tend to romanticize what it was like to live in those days, but if you've ever longed for the days of cooking over a fire, and the company of your trusty steed, then perhaps the Tack Shed Airbnb in McGregor, Iowa might just be the right fit for you. Because this place is right out of the Old West!

First of all, the Tack Shed is small. It is 12' by 14' with a lofted bedroom area. It was built nearly entirely from reclaimed materials. To say that this thing is 'rustic' would be an understatement. But if you're looking for simple, country living, then look no further! The Airbnb post points out that there is no air conditioning, but all the windows have screens and there is a fan. There is an outdoor shower with running water, and a sink. But you'll have to use the toilet in another building. There is also a fridge and an electric cooktop in your 'cowboy kitchen'.

If cooking a meal over an open fire while watching the sunset over a pasture full of horses sounds like your kind of thing, this Airbnb could be a perfect fit! Just make sure you bring your hat and your boots! It's time to Cowboy Up!

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