The Polar Plunge in support of Special Olympics Minnesota took place in Owatonna at Lake Kohlmier on Saturday, Jan. 30. It was basically a warm winter day with temperatures in the mid-30s.

The Plunge actually will take place around 20 times in the state. It was something to see.

I noticed, as I was standing on the ice as well as the crowd of supporters, that the plungers would line up to watch one group after another take the plunge. Really the whole thing did not take that long.

A group would be escorted up to the tunnel past mascot Snowflake, who would pat them on the back for good luck. Then they would stand on the little platform and emcee Roy Koenig would talk to them. He would introduce the group then, ask them: If they had done it before? Why are you doing it? and so on. He would then ask for a 3-2-1 from the crowd and in they would go.

It was actually pretty cool to see. Some seem to be addicted to it. The Olmstead County Sheriff has jumped more than 100 times. He was joined by Steele County Sheriff Lon Thiele. Some plungers also have traveled to other places.

One group had been to Superior, Duluth and a couple of others. All for a good cause, Special Olympics.

I talked to a few people after the plunge, and they have said, "Yes, I would do it again." Pretty cool.

Some plungers will dress up for the occasion, whether it be a whole theme or to represent their job or with tutus.

Safety precautions were taken. The Owatonna Diving team was in the water the whole time. And when it is over, there is a really warm tent just waiting for you to change back into dry clothes.

So check out the pictures below to see what really happens during the plunge.