I'm not sure who or when this video was posted of a kid taking out the trash on a windy day, but it had me rolling this weekend. I think we can all agree that somedays you're the trashcan in this video and somedays you're the kid.

Personally, being an adult and having to take out the trash or recycling on wintery and windy days absolutely sucks. Our trashcans 'live' outdoors on the side of our garage, and when you get weather as we had over Thanksgiving, you also have to make sure to shovel around those cans otherwise they get snowed in, or frozen to the ground when you get some melting and then cold nights.

When we first moved in it seemed like a regular occurrence that our ginormous recycling bin would inevitably blow over and scatter its contents across the neighborhood. It was rather embarrassing having to chase down empty cans, discarded mail, and the occasional piece of styrofoam blowing around.

It was after the 4th or 5th time of this happening I learned if I bungee'd the top of the can closed and moved it to the side of the garage I wouldn't have to look like an idiot chasing an empty can down the road. But you have to remember to take the bungee off the lid of the cans or the trash/recycling guy will leave you a note. And in life, there is not much worse than having someone mad at you like the person who collects your trash or recycling.

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