Halloween just got a little bit scarier in our Minnesota neighborhoods because "Karen" is showing up at your front door with her kids.  Yes, "Karen" is now a costume.

If you have zero idea what a "Karen" is, I'll fill you in quickly.  "Karen" is a woman who typically has blonde hair and when she has an issue with something, which is typically everything, she asks to speak to a manager.  She is the customer that pulls out coupons from 2018 that expects to be able to use those today and will throw a fuss in that Target checkout lane until she gets her way.

You've seen "Karen" at the stores and at restaurants causing a fuss and now YOU can be a "Karen" for Halloween.

The scariest thing you can be on Halloween!!!!

Full head latex mask with hair.
Features personal paint job, styled hair, lashes

Sculpted,molded,cast,painted and finished myself. Vision slits above the eyes and and additional vents in mouth nose and ears . Mask is 1 size fits most (i have a large head and fits me ) if mask is to big u can glue a bit of sponge to the inside top. - jasonadcock78 on Etsy.com


If you are looking for a scary costume and are willing to shell out $180 to be "Karen", click here to get to the Etsy site.

I'm almost hoping that Halloween is canceled this year because I really don't want "Karen" coming to my house with her kids expecting a full-size Snickers bar and demanding that I give her kids one...cause that ain't happening, Karen!

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