A new contest is looking for 12 top dogs to feature in a 2022 calendar.

I've got a pretty adorable dog if I say so myself. She may be a mutt, but my four-year old Rosie is full of personality, an absolute goofball and a real looker! She makes my wife and me laugh all the time with her ridiculous looks and antics -- like when she sitsat the back door, contentedly gazing outside and soaking in the sun or when she sits on the couch with her big favorite ball just hanging out of her mouth.

Adam Rozanas
Adam Rozanas

She's gotten more than a few pets and "Awww"s from strangers when we take her with us to breweries.

Adam Rozanas
Adam Rozanas

I may be biased, but I think Rosie could be a calendar dog! As a matter of fact, she literally could be!

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Love From Minnesota and the Animal Humane Society have partnered up to find the top 12 dogs around Minnesota to feature in a 2022 Top Dogs calendar!

Does your pooch have what it takes to be crowned one of Minnesota’s Top Dogs? Now accepting submissions for Love From Minnesota’s 2022 Top Dog Calendar! If your pup stands out from the pack, then we want to meet them!

Submissions are open now and must include a photo and bio about your dog. Once nominated, all dogs and information will feature on a voting page where site visitors can vote once daily. Voting closes May 26, and winners -- the 12 dogs with the highest votes -- will be announced May 28. Winning dogs each receive:

  • A Professional photoshoot of their dog at an iconic Minnesota landmark. Photo to be featured in 2022 calendar.
  • Puparazzi: Each winning dog will be featured on our social media feeds.
  • A Top Dog Swag Bag, including a 2022 Top Dog Calendar.
  • Wagging rights for being crowned one of Minnesota's Top Dogs!

Calendars featuring the dogs will be sold at this year's Minnesota State Fair as well as Love From Minnesota's six retail stores. Proceeds will go to support the Animal Humane Society.

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