The winter of 2021-22 just keeps coming. A little warm up, at least in southern Minnesota, followed by another blast of frigid weather. Up North, it has been plenty of the frigid stuff without much of the warm up part. How is your house handling it?

AAA Minnesota issues a cautionary note to home owners about ice dams and the damage they can cause. "Ice dams can be a serious issue in the Midwest for any home, but especially in homes with poor insulation," states Meredith Mitts, spokesperson for AAA - The Auto Club Group, in a news release.

If icicles are forming from your roofline, there could already be damages occurring inside your attic and house. Ice dams can form when heat escaping through the attic melts the snow on the roof, which then refreezes when it reaches the eaves that hang out over the edge of the walls of your home.

As additional snow melts the water could get back up and seep into any flaws or get in between shingles or plywood sheets.

AAA says to examine your attic insulation, increase attic ventilation, and prevent heat from escaping into your attic. Consult a professional or review AAA's "What You Should Know About Ice Dams" video.

"Once the water is inside your house, it can cause paint to peel, floors to warp, and soggy insulation," says Mitts. "If that water is left unattended, it could lead to mold and mildew."

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