Last year was my first time and I'm anxious for my second one coming up this holiday season. It's the New Year's Eve Eve dinner at the Blooming Prairie Servicemen's Club. Servicemen's Club just isn't a sexy name but don't let that fool you. My wife and I loved the food last New Years.

The menu once again will consist of prime rib and haddock. It's buffet. Yup, eat all you want. The meal also includes potato, vegetable, roll and free champagne. They've also got great appetizers and desserts. It was a little tough deciding how to go about my meal last year. I wanted too much of everything. I contemplated stuffing some prime rib in my pocket or maybe slide some haddock down the front of my shirt and then fill up on dessert. But I decided walking around with greasy pants and smelling like fish might be a little too much even for me.

Go ahead and try it. You'll meet some neat people. And what I really liked many were in my age bracket so we were all set to call it a night and be home by 9PM.

Social hour on Saturday, December 30 is 6:30PM and dinner at 7:30PM. Make reservations by calling (507)-583-7884.


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