Reggie's Brewhouse will be hosting the 30th annual Ice Golf Tournament on Saturday, February 6, on Lake Kohlmier. It is a fundraiser for Exchange Center for Family Unity.

**Today, Friday, Feb. 5 the Reggie's Brewhouse crew was out cleaning up the snow for the Ice Golf Tournament on Lake Kohlmier. D&D Yard Service of Owatonna moved the majority of the snow with their plow and sweeper to make it a touch easier for the rest of the crew.**

There will be 18 four-person teams on the ice at both noon and 2PM. It will be a shot-gun start, which means each hole will have a team and teams will move up to the next hole when they have finished the hole. The team that starts on 18 will move to 1 and so on.

Ice golf is like putt-putt golf.

There will be a prize for the first-, second- and third-place winners from the whole day combined.

The Ice Golf Tournament actually began with Bubba's Bar in Owatonna. **The tournament has only been postponed once due to the cold. When rescheduled two weeks later, they played in freezing rain.**

Ron Schouweiler, "Shoe," owner of Reggie's Brewhouse, would like to thank the many volunteers who helped get the course ready for the day.

The Exchange Center for Family Unity serves Dodge, Steele, Rice and Waseca counties and is an in-home support-based parent mentoring program.

We will have more pictures of the ice getting ready on Friday the 5th.

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