With supply-line disruptions, a shortage of available workers, and people wanting to get out after spending a year indoors, for the most part, it's no wonder that some restaurants are having a tough time right now. One recent addition to Minneapolis, CHX, is already calling it quits, closing yesterday after only being in business at their new location for 90 days. Wow.

CHX opened on Hennepin Ave, in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis in July. The new spot had lines out the door and a full parking lot. But that seems to have dried up, as yesterday the company CHX released a press release stating that after just 90 days the business would be immediately closing.

“CHX investors knew and embraced the difficult challenges of opening a fast-casual restaurant in Uptown during this volatile marketplace environment, but we passionately surged ahead confident that our tested recipes and farm to table locally sourced products would resonate with customers and that the opening of CHX in Uptown would be instantly successful. Regrettably, that’s not what happened. Our operational costs after only 90 days in business is not trending to be profitable, so we’re announcing today that CHX’s is closing its Uptown operation on Monday, Oct 4th.”

The store also made the announcement on their Facebook page.


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Posted by CHX Minneapolis on Monday, October 4, 2021


The announcement had a few people shocked about the abrupt closing, wondering what turned business in the wrong direction so quickly. A piece was written by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine online dug deeper into the sudden closing and determined it was a portion of the new ownership group that fired staff over the last week and abruptly closed the location. You can read more about that here.

As for the original owners of CHX, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine reports that "they plan to seek new opportunities, "It's a shame that presser was so misleading," Edwards said, "but we are not giving up. Within Gumbo Group we have a few concepts to bring forth, but I'm not giving up on CHX. We love the cities and we've grown a nice loyal fanbase, we'll take that momentum elsewhere."

CHX was a chicken-based restaurant serving up breaded chicken fingers, and patties along with sides.

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