Any day now the late evening pops and booms from around the neighborhood will begin. Those enthusiasts who begin Independence Day celebrating a little early are not too popular for those whose pets react negatively. Our little pooch was a shaky, nervous mess anytime fireworks or thunderstorms happened.

A veterinarian with indicates that "a dog's sensitivity to loud noises means Fourth of July celebrations can make for particularly anxious events," in a press release from Freshpet.

These ideas may help your pet.

  • Stay close to your pet during times of fireworks. Offer treats and affection.
  • Time your dogs 'potty time' to when fireworks are less likely.
  • Increase the sound in your home during fireworks with a radio, TV, or a sound machine.

Regarding summer heat, Dr. Aziza Glass with says, "Just because we can manage the heat and humidity, doesn't mean our pets can. Our pets are vulnerable to temperatures over 80 degrees. However, there are things that we can do to keep our pets safe and protected from heat-related injuries, and some may come as a surprise."

  • Keep water bowls full and give your pet cool water whenever possible.
  • Limit time outdoors and take walks during the cooler parts of the day.
  • Don't shave your pet. You might think you are doing your pet a favor, but "shaving your pet can expose their skin to harmful sun damage and cause overheating more quickly," the release states.

Glass says heavy panting, drooling, and fatigue are signs of heat stroke, "If you believe your dog is having a heat stroke, bring them indoors immediately to help them cool down. A common mistake is putting the pet in a cold ice bath. That can actually shock their system and cause quick changes in their blood pressure."

He advises soaking a towel in room temperature water and wiping your dog with it. You may also need to take your dog to your veterinarian or an emergency center.

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