When I left home for college in 2014, this skyline view was something I was desperately longing for. My best friend and I referred to it as "freedom city", excited to branch out from our small-town lives in Long Prairie.

It took one year for me to realize city living wasn't for me, and I started looking for jobs closer to home in Central Minnesota. My best friend on the other hand happily calls Minneapolis home to this day.

Over the weekend that friend got married in a beautiful ceremony at a church on the U of M campus, and the reception was held on the 50th floor of the IDS tower downtown. That's the tallest building on the left of the photo above. Both locations were absolutely stunning, and perfect for celebrating a beautiful love story.

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But boy did I forget how to navigate the roads in that area of the state.

I'm used to the well-marked, wide lanes of central Minnesota, and Minneapolis felt more like a maze of one-way roads, road construction cones, bike and bus lanes, and pedestrians everywhere. Six years in St. Cloud has made me soft when it comes to driving in Downtown Minneapolis.

My husband and I were chatting as we left the hotel on Sunday and couldn't believe that that area is a place where people live their lives. Hustle and bustle was my thing in college, but I do not live that life anymore. I commend people that navigate those streets on a daily basis. That is a highly valuable skill set I no longer possess.

The Downtown Minneapolis area works great for some and is a nightmare for others. And that's OK. We all have our preferences. Luckily, my newly married friends live in a quiet neighborhood outside of the guts of Minneapolis and I have no problems getting to and from their place.

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