It is not every day you see a few pigs out and about. Well, those traveling on Highway 14 in Southern Minnesota got just that Wednesday.

According to KEYC News 12 out of Mankato, Minnesota, a semi-truck rolled over at the interchange of Highway 169 and Highway 14.

The pigs were roaming free all along the highway after escaping the trailer. They actually caused traffic to be delayed for a while as officials tried to collect the pigs and get them off the road. The story notes that roughly 90 pigs were in the trailer, and about 20 of them were able to escape out of a hole in the trailer.

It isn't out of the norm to see animals on the highway here in Minnesota, but pigs? That just might be a first. At least they weren't flying, because then A LOT of people would have to hold up their end of a bargain...

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