I've never really been much on song parodies, but I do enjoy spoofs on TV shows, movies and political figures. I used to watch those shows on couples that are buying their first home or remodeling their first home. It's often a young couple. The guy has been shaving two or three years and his wife just finished up college. When they discuss budgets, they often reply with something under $400,000 or so. $400,000? This of course gets me to thinking. What kind of jobs do these kids have? Where did they go to college? Did daddy pay for it and is he bankrolling their first house? Then they gripe and complain about the old cabinets or the icky paint and such. I don't watch these shows anymore. I'd like to see a parody of one of these shows set in a small town in the Midwest like Ellendale or Geneva.

The young couple would state that they're open to anything under $50,000 and with a 30-year mortgage. If the cabinets and paint weren't quite right, they'd say that they'd make do until they could afford an update.

Anyway here's a link to a cute parody of the TV show The Bachelor. It's about two gals vying for the heart of Stewart, who happens to be a dog up for adoption from the Santa Fe Humane Society. Take a look.


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