It is that time of year when parents need to plan for the school season. I remember each August, my mom would make my siblings and I go to bed at a more reasonable time and practice waking us up at what felt like the butt-crack of dawn.

The only saving grace of back-to-school time is back-to-school sales! This year, the sales stretch beyond supplies and clothes and include meat...

Sasse Lake Farms in Elysian is currently running a back-to-school sale on their black Angus ground beef. It is packed with ten essential vitamins and minerals. Plus, it is a great source of protein for the kiddos.

According to the SLF Angus Beef Facebook page

"One of the best ways to support our little (and big) learners is to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need to fuel their minds and bodies."

And that is the basis for the back-to-school sale.

Throughout this week, you can save $1.50 on each pound of beef you purchase. This brings the normal price of $6/lb to $4.50/lb.

You can buy at the farm or have the meat delivered (if you buy 20 pounds or more). Free delivery spans the areas of Mankato, Waseca, Owatonna, Faribault, Le Center, Montgomery, and St. Peter. 

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The sale ends on August 8th. 

Sasse Lake Farm is run by the 4th and 5th generation of Minnesota farmers raising black Angus beef. 

You can check out fun family-favorite recipes on the Sasse Lake Farms blog. From gyros to campfire potatoes, you can find numerous delicious recipes. 

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