I've never really noticed more than corn and soybeans as I head here and there while running errands all while living in a more rural setting. But I have started to notice more and more pictures of people visiting sunflower fields, and outside of Smude's in Central Minnesota, it can be tough to find one nearby for some family time before the kids head back to school.

Here are some sunflower field options for you if you are looking for a road trip this month before the kids head back to school and you get back into your non-summer routine.

Heath Valley Farm - Lonsdale (contact for address)

Fish Sunflowers - Big Lake

Waldoch Farm - Lino Lakes

Minnesota Harvest Apple Orchard - Jordan

Brand Farms - Farmington (around Labor Day)

The drought hasn't always helped farms that rely on the tourism of visitors coming to see the sunflowers or the apple orchards, so some regular sunflower fields might not be having events or flowers this year.

As with all other tourist activities on places such as working farms, make sure you have permission to visit and walk around before heading out and enjoying the sunflowers.

Did I miss some close by? Let me know in the comments.

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