I don't have my own business so it stands to reason I wouldn't have been aware of the Minnesota Materials Exchange web site. Basically it's for those who business who have items they no longer need or use. You can post them in hopes that there may be a business or entity that could use the items. Hence, in use instead of the landfill.

Here's a look at some of the items that are mainly free. There is an asking price on a few items. Currently listed items include a mail cart, display cabinet, podium, conference table, cubicles, trash bins, eye wash station, file cabinet, desk and quite a bit more.

What makes this site interesting is that while you can pick up stuff like cabinets and tables fairly cheap at yard sales and auctions a number of the items listed are unique. Where else have you ever seen an eye wash station, mail cart or podium for sale or for free? Other than new, I can't think of anywhere else one might find items such as these.

So if you're in business and have something to get rid of or if you've been searching for something for your business, check out the Minnesota Materials Exchange web site.


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