During each of our monthly visits with the Owatonna Chamber of the Commerce on AM 1390 we feature a member of the Chamber of Commerce.This month's guest was Dr. Tony Wissbroecker of WellFit Chiropractic of Owatonna. WellFit is a part of the Patriot Project. The Patriot Project is fairly new with a goal of providing free chiropractic care for veterans.

How it works is if you're a veteran your treatment is free at WellFit. These free treatments are provided until you feel that you are healed. This program is open to current and past veterans along with Wounded Warriors and Gold Medal spouses. The free treatments for veterans is offered on a first come first serve basis. The numbers is (507)413-8000.

Tony is an Owatonna graduate and has operated WellFit for around a year in the Bridge Street Center of Owatonna.

You can learn more on the Patriot Project web site.

By the way, be listening to a new program on Kat Kountry 105, The Minnesota Military Radio Show. Each Sunday evening at 7PM veteran's topics and stories will be shared. It starts this Sunday, March 25.


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