In the latest information released from the US Census Bureau in terms of self-reporting Steele County came in at 78.5%, good for a top-20 finish in the state. Within Steele County, Medford came in first for cities with a self-reporting rate of 84.2%.

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The other 3 cities located in Steele County Blooming Prairie, Ellendale, and Owatonna were not far behind. Blooming Prairie had a 2020 self-reporting rate of 78.5%, Ellendale 68.7%, and Owatonna 79.4%. When you compare Medford's self-reporting numbers compared to 2010, you notice the giant improvement made by the community to participate in the once a decade survey. In 2010 Medford's self-reporting rate was 54.9% according to the US Census website. 

The other cities self-reporting rates in Steele County for 2010 were:

Blooming Prairie - 81.6%
Ellendale - 80.8%
Owatonna - 79.9%

As far as how Minnesota did as a whole state it led the nation with a self-reporting rate of 75.1%. Trailing Minnesota nationally was Washington state with a rate of 72.4%, and Wisconsin with a rate of 72.2%. Minnesota also finished in 1st place for self-reporting in 2010.

The states/territories who were the worst at self-reporting were Puerto Rico 35.8%, Alaska 54.7%, and West Virginia at 56.2%.

According to the 2020 Census website, the census is important to the country as it "determine[s] congressional representation, inform[s] the allocation of hundreds of billions in federal funding, and provide[s] data that affects communities for the next decade."

The census ended last month, earlier than normal, due to concerns about COVID-19.

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