My husband and I went looking for ghost towns on the way home from visiting his brother. The total trip was 442 miles. It was a beautiful day for a one-day trip in some scenic portions of southern Minnesota.

They are listed as ghost towns because way back when, people lived there and eventually left and now people live there again. The ghost towns are marked fairly well by road signs, which is cool.

We started out with an agenda of six and found four. Pretty good I think. Five were in Winona County and basically in a circle with some distance between each one. Only one in Faribault County. I emailed the Winona Historical Society about Whitewater Falls and found out we took a wrong turn. Woodland in Faribault County was near the river and we turned on a few dead-end gravel roads but could not get close enough to see the river or any remains that were maybe there. Bummer.

Most of the drive was pretty. The valleys made our ears pop, some of the roads were kind of like a roller coaster ride. If the roads were not a valley, then it was following the winding river. Either way if they were not gravel, the roads were smooth.

We had fun. Here are a few pictures.