If you're someone with a bottomless appetite for fish, here's good news for you. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has now posted Freeborn lake to be open to liberalized fishing now through February 28. The water level drawdown is underway as part of a lake rehabilitation project and hence the temporary change in fishing rules.

Liberalized fishing means residents with licenses may take all species of fish for their personal use in any quantity. You may not use seines,hoopnets, fyke nets or explosives. Rough fish such as bullheads, carp and suckers may be sold. The DNR press release points out that gill nets need metal tags stating the operator's name and address and be attached to one end of the float line near the first float.

Anglers must still obey all laws in regards to trespassing on private property and it is illegal to discard fish on shore. You're also reminded to be wary of the ice when you fish this winter.

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