The engineers are busy hooking up the necessary equipment so we can make contact with Santa Claus with his Calls To Santa Show. It airs Tuesday, December 19 and Thursday, December 21 at 5:30PM on AM 1390 KRFO and AM 920 KDHL.

Here's the hotline number for the kids to call in to chat with the jolly old fella (507)-214-1390. He'll be glad to field your child's callers and have them tell Santa what they'd like for Christmas.

Santa's been extra busy this year. A few of his little helpers have been down in the dumps this season and not really putting forth a full time effort in making toys. Santa feels they're suffering from a "lack of elf esteem". St. Nick is also working on a movie project. It's about a naughty boy who doesn't believe in Santa. He's tentatively named it "Rebel Without A Claus".

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