On Sunday afternoon, the Walmart Store located in Hutchinson was evacuated for a fire. According to KSTP.com, the fire started in the men's clothing department, and the fire suppression system was activated. The store was safely evacuated and the blaze was put out. Nobody was injured during the fire.

During the investigation, which was originally thought to be arson, investigators watch surveillance footage and determined that two 13-year-old boys did deliberately set the fire. The boys were located and taken into custody with charges pending with McLeod County Attorney's Office. Total damages are estimated to be between $1 and $2 million dollars.

That is a lot of damage to the store, which remains closed at this time. According to the Facebook page for the Walmart store:

I saw the news on my Facebook feed yesterday, and the prevailing sentiment, according to social media, is that these boys were upset over the results of an NFL game.

Any other posts that I looked for have since been removed or deleted. While it has been determined that this was indeed a case of arson, we may never know the reason why they set fire to the store. Taking into account that they are both minors, we may also never know their identities, unless they are charged as adults.

Source: KSTP.com

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