According to the American Farm Bureau's 36th annual survey, the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving feast is up 14 percent this year. The menu for the survey includes turkey, rolls, sweet potatoes, cranberries, rolls with butter, peas, veggie tray, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, including coffee and milk. The total cost for a family of 10 with plenty of leftovers this year is $53.31. In 2020 the total cost was $46.90.

Given all of the talk we are hearing on the news about inflation, a little over a $6 increase for the Thanksgiving feast for 10 people does not seem as bad as many other products. Maybe food is still a bargain. Hasn't gas increased about 50 percent? Have you gone to the lumber yard lately and bought a few 2 by 4's? Three years ago I bought a stain for our house that cost around $30 a gallon. Early this fall I wanted to do some "touch up" staining on the cedar siding and the exact same stain was almost $70 a gallon!

"Several factors contributed to the increase in the average cost of this year's dinner," said American Farm Bureau Senior Economist Veronica Nigh. "These include dramatic disruptions to the U.S economy and supply chains over the last 20 months, inflationary pressure throughout the economy, difficulty in predicting demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, and high global demand for food, particularly meat," she explained.

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