NFL fans ride a roller coaster. When your team wins, the sky is the limit. If your favorite team loses, the sky is falling. Some Vikings' fans are in a downward spiral after a tough 26-9 loss at the Steelers Sunday. Owatonna's Todd Walkingstick is disappointed about the loss, but realistic about the situation. He said it's tough to win in Pittsburgh, especially without your starting quarterback.

Walkingstick joined KRFO radio to review the game Monday. He said the offensive line struggled against the aggressive Steelers and wonders if things would have gone better with Sam Bradford under center. Case Keenum completed just over 50 percent of his passes. The Star Tribune reports that Minnesota coach Mike Zimmer doesn't believe the team needs to sign another quarterback, but isn't sure about the timetable for Bradford's return. Walkingstick will be in his usual seat for Sunday's home clash with Tampa Bay at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Walkingstick also discussed the end of Saturday's Owatonna High School girls soccer victory at Lakeville South. After the Huskies scored late in the second overtime, the Cougars had a chance with time running out. The team lofted the ball toward the Owatonna goal as the game ended and the horn sounded. The ball went off the fingertips of the OHS goalkeeper and rolled into the net. However, in soccer, the game ends when the horn sounds even if the ball is in the air. Walkingstick reported that many Lakeville fans, and even their coaches, seem to take exception to that rule.

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