Following the Vikings' nauseating win over the lowly Lions at US Bank Stadium on Sunday, Fox cameras appeared to catch Kirk Cousins and Mike Zimmer in a heated moment on the sideline.

Well that was... weird. I guess you could see it two ways:

One, Cousins was just fired up that the team got the win and took it a little too far, prompting Zimmer's less-than-enthusiastic reaction. Or....

Two, Kirk Cousins was trying to get Mike Zimmer to fight him, possibly to the death. Let's go with that one. Let's say Cousins taps Zimmer's chest and Zimmer responds by getting into a fighting stance. WHO YA GOT?

On one hand, Cousins is much younger and is physically in much better shape. On paper he should easily wipe the floor with his much older head coach.

On the other hand, Zimmer seems like kind of a badass and I am guessing he has been in way more fights than Cousins over the years. Old man strength vs youth, a battle as old as time itself.

My money is on Zimmer. Don't get me wrong, Cousins has been pretty durable during his time with the Vikings and could probably take a punch or two. However, I have seen Cousins' reaction when he is under pressure and the word that comes to mind isn't 'poised.'

I've got Zimmer entering the bout at about -150 or so.

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