It may only be the beginning of October, but, the Curling Club in Owatonna has been very busy already. They are getting the club set up and ready to start the season, as well as having a booth at CulturFest this year. What a great start.

My daughter and I were there to help set up the club, even though I could not do much with a broken finger. Well, I was there to take pictures and for moral support. There were a couple of work days scheduled, and by the time we left on the second day, it looked like there was not much left to do. Now, we are just waiting to hear that there is ice and that people can get back out there.

If curling is something you want to try, you can get registered on the Owatonna Curling Club's website. If you want to come check out this great sport, there will be a couple of days that are set aside to introduce people to curling, those will be announced as they are set. You can also follow the Curling Club's Facebook Page.

My daughter loves to curl, and I have to say that as far as sports go, this one is great. Anyone, at any level, can learn how to curl, and the price is right for students, only $25 for the whole season.

I have really enjoyed learning about curling, and watching the juniors play, not only each other, but other teams at bonspiels.  I am certainly looking forward to another great curling season.

Setting up Curling Club
Setting up walls in curling club