UNDATED -- A non-profit that was born out of the COVID-19 crisis as surpassed 100,000 lasagnas delivered. The national organization called "Lasagna Love" now has 33,000 volunteers in all 50 states.

One of those volunteers locally is Laura Olson who has been making lasagnas for the non-profit for almost a year now. She says it is pretty easy to get started.

So it's really quite simple, you sign-up as a volunteer that you're willing to cook lasagna and you can choose whether you want to do one a week or three every other week, you pick the amount of time you put into it.  If you want to do it just one time to see how it goes you can do that as well.

Olson says you can also choose the radius of how far you're willing to deliver your lasagna. For her, she has chosen to make three lasagnas every other week and will go as far as 30 miles to drop them off.

She calls it a simple and easy way to help a neighbor.

Matches are made on the organization's website and the details are worked out via text message.

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Olson figures she's made about 60 meals for "Lasagna Love" so far. She says matches are made through a website, with no judgment and no questions asked.

Although lots of times people will write little messages about what's going on.  Sometimes it's a hardship because of a change in the family, sometimes it's between jobs, or the kids are home for the summer.  It's various different reasons.  So you get their address and you just message them and pick a time that works for a drop-off.

Olson says volunteers choose how often they want to make a lasagna. Olson encourages people who love to cook to sign up as a volunteer and families who a looking for a home-cooked meal to sign up to get one delivered as well.

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