If you are a fan of the social media entertainment group at You Betcha, you know that they have been scouring the Midwest for some of the best small-town bars. One small town bar to be featured, yesterday actually, is the Sportsman's Bar in Clitherall, located in Otter Tail County. The gang over at YB! went absolutely 'nuts' for the bar and their annual testicle festival.

You Betcha's Myles Montplaisir, who went to college at Minnesota State Moorhead in college, stopped by the bar and highlights some of the stereo-typical midwestern things you might do at the Sportsman's Bar, like pull tabs, shaking dice, and of course checking out what's mounted on the walls.

Image Credit: Sportsman's Bar Clitherall
Image Credit: Sportsman's Bar Clitherall

Myles has always done a great job with highlighting some of the things we do here in Minnesota and the midwest that always either brings up a memory because you've done that or gives you a chuckle as you've seen his video play out in real life before.

More so than the You Betcha guys coming, this video is BIG news for the tiny Otter Tail County town of 62, as of this morning, a little less than 24 hours of being posted, it was liked by more than 3,300 people, and shared by more than 650 people.

The video also highlights, briefly, the testicle festival that the bar is a part of annually. The owners got the idea to do something like their festival as they also raise cattle.

You can watch other small-town bar highlights and other content through the You Betcha! channel, by heading here. 

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