An Owatonna police officer was forced to take evasive action when a vehicle pulled out in front of her while on a routine patrol recently. The Just the Facts newsletter from the Owatonna Police Department (OPD) states, "The sergeant had to apply the brakes aggressively to avoid a collision due to the suspect vehicle failing to yield the right of way."

The sergeant performed a traffic stop with the driver "who originally denied consuming alcohol and stated she was giving passengers a ride home. After further evaluation, [Constance] Crosby was arrested for DWI. She later tested a 0.13 at the Steele County Detention Center."


Tuesday, August 2 is the Night to Unite; Neighbors Joining Together event. To see if you can still register a block party for your neighborhood, contact Pamela Roberts at 507-774-7200. The Night to Unite "serves as a conduit between law enforcement and the community to promote police-community partnerships, neighborhood camaraderie and enhance relationships," according to the OPD home page.


Another way the OPD makes positive relationships within the community is through daycare visits. Officer Mike Brein was joined by Community Service Officers Julia Hansen and Gabby Flemming to show off their squad cars to the kids and hand out junior officer stickers.


There is nothing unlucky about number 13 for Jeff Mundale, who recently was sworn in as Owatonna's 13th police chief. Just the Facts listed the previous chiefs.

  • Adolph Mallinger, 1909-12
  • W.W. Casey, 1912-14
  • Ben Misgen, 1914-16
  • Thomas Dunigan, 1916-24
  • Cy Harden, 1924-45
  • Reuben Schubert, 1945-48
  • Julius Stark, 1948-72
  • Kenneth L. Nissen, 1972-86
  • Roger Brown, 1986-96
  • Gene Fisher, 1997-2004
  • Shaun LaDue, 2004-10
  • Keith E. Hiller, 2010-22
  • Jeffrey Mundale, 2022-present

Just the Facts reports, "Prior to the appointment of a Chief of Police position for the City of Owatonna, we had twenty City Marshalls dating back to 1865."

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