The state of Minnesota has a bunch of amazing places to visit!  In fact, we've got a bucket list of 50 places you MUST visit at least once below that you can use as road trip ideas for your vacation days.  Unfortunately, not ALL of the places on that bucket list are on everyone's favorite list.  In fact, below are 8 "attractions" that are considered "overrated" by several Minnesotans.

Top 8 Most Overrated Attractions in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for a lot of amazing attractions! Of course, we also have 10,000+ lakes that we love to boast about. However, we have a few places that seem to be hyped a bit more than some think is necessary. In fact, there are 8 attractions in Minnesota that people say are the MOST overrated in the entire state.

A few other overrated attractions of Minnesota people think are overrated...but aren't really "attractions"

When asking around, a few votes came in for some overrated features of Minnesota that really couldn't be on the list of attractions because, well, they aren't attractions.  They are:

  • Snow - I mean, we all get tired of it after shoveling for an hour.  I'd almost say that the cold and wind is worse than the snow though.
  • Minnesota Nice - some say that we are the best at being passive-aggressive.  Others say that they are over the whole Minnesota Nice crap, especially at 4-way stop signs.  No one should just wave another person to "go ahead".  When it is your turn, GOOOOO!

In your opinion, what's the most overrated attraction in Minnesota?

Did your pick for most overrated attraction get on the list?  If not, let me know what spot you'd say is the most overrated at the link below or over on my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio.

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