This year is a first for me, at least for Valentine's Day. I no longer need to go out and buy boxes of cute Valentine's cards for a class party, those days are now behind me. Both of my children are out of elementary school, and I was informed that the middle school does not have a party for the classrooms.

I remember getting all excited in grade school for Valentine's Day. We decorated shoe boxes or paper bags to place cards in. We came home with a list of classmates, and I would spend hours picking just the right card out for my friends. Of course I had to make sure I did not give any of the little boys a card with the word "love" on it.

I was just as excited for my children, letting them pick out which Valentine's cards they wanted to give to their classmates, in addition to the candy that is now given out as well. Helping them pick out the perfect card for their friends, watching them sign their names. I don't think I realized how much I would miss this ritual until I realized that I don't have a child young enough to do this with anymore.

So, I have decided, I am going to go out and buy my children a small gift. I am going to spend my time picking out just the right present, and look for the joy in their faces, after the eye-roll. After all, I am a sentimental mom who doesn't want her kids to grow up so fast.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day with your loved ones, I know I will.

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