Valentine's Day

Celebrating Valentine's Day
This year is a first for me, at least for Valentine's Day. I no longer need to go out and buy boxes of cute Valentine's cards for a class party, those days are now behind me. Both of my children are out of elementary school, and I was informed that the middle school does not have a party f…
Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day
February 14 is quickly approaching and will be here before you know it! This year it falls on a a Tuesday, so many people will probably be celebrating this weekend. Start planning now so you are ready!
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Last year, my husband and I went bowling for Valentine's Day and it was a blast. Every year "they" come up with gift ideas. Some work and some are "What?" My husband and I keep it fun when it comes to gift giving.
Here are a few ideas:

Cards, flowers, candy are…
Lisa's Logic: Sweethearts
I am a Scorpio and basically a romantic. At least that's what I thought until I read about Scorpios, they're kind of scary. I think I'm going to stick to my version. So, for Valentine's Day, well, it's pretty simple, buy candy on Feb. 15.
Here are some other ways to show that special someone you care…