The contingent of cornhole throwers from Cash Wise Foods improved on their score from a year earlier in the Townsquare Media Charity Challenge/bean bag toss at the Steele County Free Fair. Though they still lost their game to the duo from Poly Pak Plastics of Medford, the important aspect of the event was to promote and support local charitable organizations.

Keith Ramm and Troy Hinrichs from Cash Wise threw in support of Youth 1st. Poly Pak Plastics promoted I.R.I.S. (Infants Remembered in Silence). Community Pathways of Steele County won a $500 donation during an online vote.

Each business and charity received a set of custom-made cornhole boards. Ramm and Hinrichs presented Youth 1st founder Mark Arjes with them this week.

Arjes expressed his appreciation to Cash Wise for this, and other times, they have worked together, "We love doing events together. One of our big events is the BBQ rib fest we do a couple of times a year."

Youth 1st strives to create a positive youth sports experience, "We're focused on a lot of conduct and character training. Doing a lot of sportsmanship recognition right now across the state...Almost 2,000 kids and coaches coming to Target Field this weekend, our last two events with the Twins for team recognition for sportsmanship."

Arjes says an initiative to promote youth becoming officials is next, "It's a big deal. The reason our conduct environment is so important is to get the adults on the same page, that 'Hey. It's about the kids.'"

Nationally, just 13 percent of the overall officials' pool is under 35 years old according to Arjes. Half are age 55 or older, "What we're trying to do is to encourage these middle school and high school kids to get involved in officiating, to try it."

Ramm says Cash Wise Foods strongly supports local charities, "We want to be involved in the community. We want to give back somehow. I think the kids are kind of our niche. That we really got to start there, the kids in the community."


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