Watch What Your Pets Eat
Recently a couple on Oklahoma noticed that pacifiers for their baby had been coming up missing around their house. And the baby's grandmother noticed the dog Dovey, grab a pacifier from the counter.
Dog Flu Outbreak In Minnesota
Minnesota reportedly has the second-highest number of dog flu cases in the country. Experts are watching two strains of canine influenza, one of which has been around for a long time and the other hit a peak in Chicago in 2015.
According to a Fox 9 news report, flu cases are tracked by the Cornell Co…
Southern Minnesota Pets
Here's a few photos of some of our pets. Sometimes they can do the silliest things and at other times they almost act like humans. Hillary the miniature horse has learned how to do mischief from her stablemate Roy. They spend most of their time hanging out together and then when things get bori…
Celebrate National Dog Day with Loren
Since 2002, August 26 has been observed as National Dog Day. While I prefer cats, I have owned several dogs in my lifetime. I was a little boy when my grandpa gave me my first dog. My parents at first kept it hidden in a shed. You see, my other grandpa disliked dogs...
Woofstock Comes to Owatonna
Peace, brothers and sisters. It's time for Woofstock. Bring along your four-legged friend to Lake Chase Dog Park and celebrate National Dog Day on Friday, August 26. Jake Jones will be performing a free concert from 5-7PM.
Besides music, there will be a bounce house and concessions will be avail…
Hot Pets in Southern Minnesota
Sounds like we get a break in the warm weather for a few days. We need to remember to keep our pets and animals cool during heat waves. Here's a look at how some of the fur-bearing creatures adapted during this recent spurt of hot weather.
Join Loren and the Spring Poop Patrol
It's a fact, if you have an outside dog or one who regularly goes out in the winter, you're probably going to have a mess to clean up. Spring is here and the dirty work needs to be done.
Now allow me to give you some advice about crap. I know a little bit about this subject as I've bee…

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