I sure hope those attending the Steele County Free Fair don't neglect to check out the fantastic art work. It's right behind the organic crops in the building between the Four Seasons Center and the Auto Museum. Here's a look at the talent offered at this year's fair.

Here's information for those who entered art in this year's fair. Art Judge Fred Dingler has announced that he will be back at the fair on Friday night from 7-8:30PM. He'll meet with any of the artists and discuss their work and how he arrived at his decision. This was just offered a few days ago by Dingler, so if you know anyone who is showing art at the fair, pass this information along.

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    Evelyn Renken

    Evelyn Renken was a guest on our Open Class show. She started drawing while sitting with her sick husband in the hospital.

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    Ever think how hard it must be to get the detail of the feathers and even the branch they're perched on?

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    Rustic Setting

    I think rustic settings are probably my favorite subject when it comes to viewing art.

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    Woof Woof

    You can almost sense the personality of this dog in this piece of art.