The new iOS 14.5 update from Apple will include an added privacy option for iPhone, and other Apple device, users. These users will have the choice to opt in or opt out of being tracked when using apps like Facebook.

The report comes from KLFY, and shows that Apple's privacy update comes at the dismay of big companies, like Facebook, who's revenue thrives off of the ability to track users activity on their app. With this ability, companies have been able to sell ads against the app usage and web browser activity of users.

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With the update, Apple is giving iPhone users the choice to be tracked or to not be tracked, as far as activity within these apps and on the web is concerned.

I believe that people will feel better about using Apple products with this added privacy feature. It is a little eery to know that apps like Facebook watch your device's activity and can then profit off of what you're doing online by selling advertisements to you.

Now, I am not sure if this update will fix the whole phenomena where you casually mention that you're hungry and suddenly, a fast-food advertisement pops up on Instagram. There is nothing more creepy than when I mention, or even just think about, a specific product and an advertisement for that exact product comes up in my feed only moments later.

Whatever the truth may be behind how big companies like Facebook profit off of our online activity, internet users are growing more and more aware of how their privacy can be breeched online. I think Apple is doing what they can to make their users feel more secure in their day-to-day web surfing tendencies.

To read more from KLFY's report, click here.

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