The internet has had plenty to say about this one.

Apple continues to add emojis to their library and the latest round of new emojis includes a pregnant man.

Yes, you have read that correctly, you can now send an emoji that depicts a man, who is pregnant.


As you may expect, many have been vocal about this particular emoji as some say that the emoji is defying science and it sends out misinformation.

Other new emojis include a melting face, which is perfect for the hot summer months in south Louisiana, and there's even an emoji of a slide!

I also like the emoji of an x-ray and the disco ball. Those two we can all relate to.

Check out the new emojis that are available and feel free to comment on them in the comments section on social media.

Here's what some are saying about the controversial emoji of a pregnant man. Some are way more serious than others.

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