UNDATED -- Airports across the country are filling-up once again as Americans travel for the holidays.

Kyle Potter is the Executive Editor of Minneapolis-based ThriftyTraveler.com. He says airports have seen over a million passengers each of the last three days.

Minnesota doesn't have any restrictions for people traveling in-or-out of our state, but if you are planning to fly to another part of the country it's best to do your research before you leave.

Be it quarantine, mandatory, or recommended, there are a handful of states including Alaska and Hawaii that have testing requirements, so you need to take a test no more than 72 hours before you depart, and other states have requirements as well.

Meanwhile, the federal relief bill that's on its way to President Trump's desk includes another $15 billion for the airline industry. Potter says the money is tailored toward bringing 30,000 workers back to their jobs through March. The additional funding is on top of the $50 billion airlines received in the initial Federal CARES Act this spring.

He says, with winter vacation season upon us, the next couple of months will be really critical. Potter says most people typically book their spring break vacations six to nine months ahead of time, but now most vacationers are waiting until the last minute.

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