We've all been reading about restaurants that are defying Gov. Walz's no indoor dining mandate. It's been tough on all the eateries and there seems no end to it anytime soon.


While most eating establishments are following the rules, there are a handful vowing to open regardless of what the governor says. With this happening, some restaurants are being reported to police for not following the ban on indoor dining. This could result in liquor license suspension and some pretty hefty fines.

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There is a west-central Minnesota restaurant that has been reported to police 6 times since the no indoor dining mandate took effect.  People reported seeing many cars in the parking lot of the Backroads Steakhouse in Evansville on a continuous basis. Some naturally assumed that the Backroads Steakhouse was open for indoor dining despite Gov Walz's mandate.

It turns out that isn't case at all. The Backroads Steakhouse is just so damn popular that locals have been flooding the restaurant with takeout orders. So many in fact, that often it appears with all the cars in the parking lot, that the restaurant is breaking the rules.

Nope, just local citizens that want to show their support for this steakhouse.  You just can't beat small communities for local support.

I hope all Minnesota eateries can get the same support and keep everyone in business through this pandemic. Please do you part and order out tonight.


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