The New Year is supposed to bring prosperity and joy to people. Unfountanely for workers at Black Dog Café in St. Paul's Lowertown neighborhood this year: that isn't the case.

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After 23 years, the classy restaurant's run has come to an end as the eatery doors officially closed on New Year's Eve.

The restaurant was known for its delightful live jazz music, particularly on Saturdays nights where some of the best veteran Jazz musicians of the Twin Cities would rock the house. Now, the newfound silence can be heard throughout the street.

According to WCCO, co-owner Sara Remke said it was more than COVID-19 that forced the closure. Global supply chain issues and worker shortages simply got to the better of the eatery.

Remke explained:

"This December just kicked our butts. Every day it was like, am I going to be cooking, am I going to be bartending, am I going to be serving; we are just a little bit old for that."

The owners, however, have one more celebration left in them.

On Saturday, January 15th, The Black Dog Café will throw one last hurrah; a final goodbye, if you will. All are welcome to stop by.

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