At this time, a Blizzard Warning is in effect from 6AM Tuesday, Feb. 2 to 6AM Wednesday, Feb. 3, according to

A Blizzard Warning means expect snowy and windy conditions that will lead to poor visibilities due to whiteout conditions. Traveling could be dangerous and not recommended.

Snow accumulations could be 7-11 inches, with some areas receiving more. This will cause drifting snow in many areas.

The winds gusts could be from 30 to 45 mph.

A Blizzard Warning is in effect for Blue Earth, Waseca, Steele and Freeborn counties, including Owatonna, Waseca and Mankato.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for Rice, Dodge, Goodhue, Mower and Olmsted counties from 3AM Tuesday, Feb. 3, to early Wednesday morning, with the potential for 5-9 inches of snow, and winds gusting to 35 mph causing whiteout and blizzard-like conditions. Traveling could be difficult.

Traveling is not recommended. However, if you are traveling be prepared. Tips from

  • Be sure your vehicle is maintained: good battery, tires well-inflated, check antifreeze.
  • Have plenty of supplies: working flashlight, a charged cellphone, shovel and ice scraper.
  • Long trips: food and water.
  • Know your route.
  • Practice good driving skills all the time: Steer into a skid, turn headlights on during rain, fog and snow (so, other drivers can see you).
  • Buckle up.
  • Slow down.
  • Watch for pedestrians.
  • On long trips, stop and rest if you're feeling tired.
Car buried in snow
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