This past weekend's telecast of the awarding of the Heisman Trophy had a bit of Owatonna flavor. As once again the trophy was provided by Jostens, a name long associated with Owatonna. They have done so since 2005. The University of Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield was this year's recipient.

In a press release from Jostens they point out that the process of producing the trophy begins months in advance with the trophy's bronze casting requiring weeks to set before the hand-crafted process of chiseling the statue

Photo courtesy of Jostens

can begin. It is then shipped under lock and key prior to the ceremony. Jostens also creates name plates for each of the finalists which are shipped with the trophy.

John Heisman for whom the trophy is named was a football coach at Georgia Tech. It's only been in the last 30 years or so that people came to realize that Heisman is actually buried in a small cemetery in neighboring Wisconsin. Though he never lived in Wisconsin, Heisman and his wife would visit her sister who lived in Rhinelander. Heisman came to being buried in Rhinelander as that is where Mrs. Heisman wanted to be buried. He died in 1936.


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