Imagine how much the price will be when the demand is greater than the supply.

A supermarket in Hong Kong called CitySuper is selling individual strawberries for $22. Well, it's actually $21.60, but what's another 40 cents when you're wasting funds, right?

The Kotaka strawberry (featured in the above video) is imported from Japan and comes with more packaging than you'd find under your tree on Christmas morning.

As you can imagine, people were outraged, but a spokesman for CitySuper justified it. “The strawberry gift box was imported from Japan with its original packaging given its premium grade, rarity and fragility for quality protection,” he said. CitySuper also claims the strawberry makes a good Valentine's Day gift.

The fruit has triggered such an outcry that there's now a petition urging companies to stop needlessly packaging items in plastic.

No matter how you spin it, a $22 strawberry is just nuts (which you can presumably buy plenty more of at a much lower price). It kind of makes Whole Foods' charging six bucks for asparagus water seem like the bargain of a lifetime.

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