Friday Night Lights is back and right now, the high schools in Rochester and all over Southeast Minnesota are gearing up for homecoming!  Dress-up days have been posted, parade schedules are getting finalized, but most importantly, the teams are getting ready for their big night on the football field.  If you are planning on going to a football game this fall too, go through the items below and use it as a checklist to ensure you have a great time!

13 Things to Bring to a High School Football Game in the Midwest

Friday Night Lights is back! If you are planning to head to the local football stadium to cheer on the local team, here are a few must-have items to bring with you to ensure your game experience is the best ever.

What high school in Southeast Minnesota are you cheering for this fall?

Let me know what local school you are cheering for!  Send me a message or even a photo of you dressed with your school swag to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio! 

You may have figured it out from the photos above but I am a Century High School mom so I'll be throwing on my Panther gear, sitting in the stands with all the other parents, and shouting out "Toast & Jam" as loud as I can on game day!


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Next time you are trying to figure out where to eat out, use this list of Rochester restaurants from A to Z (almost)

One of the silliest arguments couples have is deciding where to eat.  In Minnesota, it is even worse because everyone is trying to be nice with our answers and so we do the whole back and forth of "No, you pick." Half an hour later you are still giving the other person a chance to make up their mind as you are still sitting on your couch as your stomach is growling.

Rochester Restaurants from A to Z (Almost)

Next time you are trying to figure out where to eat in Rochester, just pick a letter from A to Z and scroll a little bit to see what restaurant you will be eating at tonight. It is the easiest way to make a decision! DISCLAIMER: If you pick "x" or "y" you will need to pick again.

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