Minnesotans are known for many things … the long goodbyes, the long 'o' sound in our speech, and the list goes on and on. We're also really well-known for our huge chest freezers. Pretty much everyone in Minnesota has one or knows someone who does.

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I'm not sure why we like to buy and freeze in bulk, but we do. We love it. We can't pass up a good meat sale or better yet, a local meat raffle. So, what's in your typical Minnesota freezer? Glad you asked. Here are 10 items you'll likely find in every Minnesota freezer.

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1. 'Ready to eat after you heat' tater tot hot dish. It doesn't have to be tater tot hot dish specifically...you'll find any 'ready to eat after you heat' meal in there. We love to plan ahead for busy nights on the go and just pop a meal in the oven.


2. Cookie dough: Ever wonder how grandma always has fresh cookies baked for you on a moments notice of your visit? This is it friends. The trick is, grandma has some pre-made cookie dough in the freezer.


3. Butter: I was well into my adulthood when I realized you could freeze butter. I saw it for the first time in my aunt's freezer. She had like 16 sticks in there. Minnesota is dairy land …you gotta have the dairy.


4. Ripe bananas...like really ripe: These bananas are basically black. To people who aren't avid banana bread makers, you'll wonder why it looks like we've got rotten bananas in our freezer. They're not rotten, they're just right and make perfect banana bread!

5. Bread loaves: We LOVE our bread. It makes great french toast in the morning, ham sandwiches and grilled cheese for lunch and some last minute garlic bread for dinner. We go through a lot of bread. It's always best to have extra loaves on-hand.

6. Ice cream: We stock up in the summer and sometimes those delicious ice cream bars fall down into the deep parts of the freezer, never to be found again. My mom found a box of ice cream treats at the bottom of her deep freezer from 2005. They're older than my youngest sister.

7. Venison: For Minnesotans who are lucky enough to get a deer in the late fall months, their freezers are filled with venison they'll enjoy all year long. Minnesotans will make venison with everything.


8. Fish: There's nothing better than a good ol' Minnesota fish fry! We like to enjoy these delicacies all year round. But, we don't love paying store prices for our fish. So, we catch, we stock up and we enjoy.

9. Berries and fruit from the garden: Winters are long. We get through them by enjoying garden fruit and berries all year. They make great smoothies, pies, cakes, jams, syrups and you name it.

10. Frozen veggies from the garden: If you've ever wondered why our hot dish recipes taste so good, it's actually because we use a lot of fresh veggies from our own backyards.

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